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Provided by Chris Fenning in partnership with Women In Business

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  • Never run out of content ideas
  • Quickly create reusable content
  • Create books and high value courses
  • Turn social media posts into sellable content

Learn the exact method I use to write best-selling books, get 20,000+ students in my courses, and work with big-name companies

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Do These Struggles Sound Familiar?

  • I know I need to post on social media but it takes so much time.
  • I can either make social posts or create a course - but I can't do both.
  • I struggle to come up with ideas for new content
  • How do I know if people will buy what I create?
  • I don't have time to write a book.
  • I don't want to spend 50 hours making a course no one buys.
  • Creating content feels so daunting, where do I start?
  • If I change my mind about what to create I'll have wasted all that time.
  • I have so much content it feels disorganised and overwhelming.

If yes, don't worry, you are not alone.

Most of the small business owners and entrepreneurs I talk to feel these things.

The good news is each one of these can be resolved when you have the right tools.

The Social to Sellable method includes all the tools you need to overcome these doubts and questions.

You'll find it easy to identify where to start and know how to make every piece of content valuable. Plus you'll have the simple steps you can follow to quickly get free feedback and market validation for courses before you invest a lot of time.


Have All The Tools & Steps You Need To Succeed

This program goes beyond telling you what to do, it literally shows you HOW to do it!

Have a repeatable way to choose the most valuable topics

Stop guessing and start knowing what people want you to create.

Never run out of content ideas and always feel confident choosing the right topics to work on.

Create social media posts that directly contribute to the creation of sellable content

Learn how social media are the first step on a path to creating 16+ types of valuable content you can give away and sell in your business.

Test content ideas quickly & cheaply to find what works

Valuable content shouldn't take months to create. Learn how to create and test content that helps your customers solve real problems.

Have the complete step-by-step guide for 16+ types of content

Learn how to deliberately create everything from social posts up to books and corporate courses. Every piece is reused and generates value for you and your customers.

The Social to Sellable Program

Is The Ultimate Step-By-Step “Short-Cut” For Content Creation Success.

  • No more “trying.”
  • No more feeling alone behind a computer questioning if you’re doing it “right”...
  • ​...And no more “wishing” you could have more time to create that high-value content

Now’s Your Chance To Make It Happen.

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Endorsed by Raimonda

& Women In Business

Hi everyone, it's Raimonda here,

I wanted to write a quick note to let you know that I fully believe in this Social to Sellable program.

This program is aligned with the goals and values of the Women in Business and Women Thrive communities, It will also help you achieve the content creation goals in your business.

I know you will find it as valuable as I do!


Meet Your Social to Sellable Content Guide:

Chris Fenning

Hi, I'm Chris,

I am a business owner / entrepreneur just like you.

My main business isn't selling online content courses. I usually write about and teach business communication skills. I also look after my young daughter and that takes so much time that I only have 28 hours each week to work.

Being so limited forced me to find the most efficient way to identify and create content so that I didn't lose hours every day on social media posts. In doing so I created this process. I call it Social to Sellable because, well, that's what it helps me do - creat content that goes from social to sellable.

I didn't realise how valuable this process was until some friends demanded that I teach it to them. That was the first step to creating this program.

This isn't some "wishful thinking" internet course. The process I teach you is the same process I use to create my own content, produce courses, write my best-selling books and generate income for my business.

The methods you will learn are the same ones I use every day. I practice what I preach.

During the program you'll see examples from my work, and you'll get to see your own content portfolios grow as we create new courses and books during the year of live workshops.

If you're tired of spending hours posting on social media and not having time to create content you can sell then let me help you.

I hope you join us and I look forward to helping you fast track your content creation journey.

All the best,

Chris Fenning



As you probably saw from the video above, the Social to Sellable Program is a training and live support program for business owners and entrepreneurs who want a proven method to create the most valuable content possible.

The program was designed by me (Chris Fenning) and is the exact system I use to create award-winning content in my own business.

By the end of this program you will know how to create reusable content that directly contributes to the creation of high value paid courses and books for your business.  

10+ Hours of Recorded Lessons

Get 10+ hours of training showing the complete step-by-step process for creating content in your own business.

Learn on your schedule and access the lessons when you want to. Jump to the sections that help you the most right now.

Plus, access real examples & demos from my business.

24 Hours Of Live Workshops

Get Live support with your own content.

Join me every month for an interactive 2-Hour online group workshop.

No matter where you are in your content journey - first social posts or working on your 5th book - you can ask questions and get help with making the process as efficient as possible.

Tools & Templates

Get access to every tool, template, and resource I use to create content. When I update the templates you get access to the updates too.

  • Checklist, worksheet, & self-assessment templates.
  • Blog title generator
  • Topic identification & organisation
  • Content management tracker
  • And more...


I work hard to give you 100% satisfaction. But, if the course doesn't deliver what you expect have confidence in my 30-Day money back guarantee,

Even if you've watched the videos I will give your money back.

No questions asked.



How to identify the most valuable content topics to focus on first

Define your expertise

Identify possible topics

Choosing the most valuable topics

Pick a starting point

Create a topic / content tree


What is reusable content and why it is critical to your business

What types of reusable content can you create?

Why reusable content is the most valuable type of content

How reusable content fits into your content mix

The power of short videos

The value in going deeper than anyone else

How reusable content tests ideas & provides market research (for free!)

Staying organised


The exact steps for reusing every type of content

The 16 types of content

Create Reusable content (types 1-5)

Create Giveaway content (types 6 - 8)

Create Sellable content (types 9 - 12)

Create High-Value content (types 13 - 16)

Additional types of reusable content


The Social to Sellable Program Was

Created For Two Reasons


I needed a way to make the ABSOLUTE BEST use of my time.

Every week I have 28 hours to work on my business. The rest of the time I'm looking after my daughter.

Those 28 hours include creating content, selling, and serving my customers. Everything I must do to run my communication skills business.

I don't have any time to waste on social media content that disappears after a few hours, or on content that doesn't sell.

Everything I make has to be valuable.

That's why I spent time working out the most efficient way to create content, to test what sells, and to make everything reusable to create multiple types of higher value content.


I was getting asked CONSTANTLY by folks who have been trying... and trying... and TRYING to take control of their content creation, but for whatever reason, they just haven’t cracked the “code” as of yet...

They’ve had “some” success with their content... but they feel like all their time is spent trying to work out what to create or wasting time on social media

They just can't seem to make progress towards their big, valuable, money earning, content goals. ... and they’re wondering...

“What is Chris doing that I’m not...??”

“How does he have time to write books, create courses, and still run his business every day...??”

“How can I do all that in just 28 hours a week?”

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

See What Previous Participants Say About

The Social To Sellable Program

See why so many entrepreneurs and small business owners all agree that Chris is absolutely the expert when it comes to creating reusable content with the social to sellable method...

"We were blown away by how good the course was. We both really want to crack on and do stuff now! It's an excellent course. When you started showing us your tools and templates, we knew instantly that you were going to solve a big problem for us!"

- James & Steph, Code Red Training

"Creating content seemed like a daunting task to me. As somebody just starting a new coaching business, where do I begin? How can I post frequently on social? How can I and make it sustainable over time? Chris course gave me both the confidence and the tools I needed to get started as well as quickly amass content topics that I to use over time and that were reusable. He doesn't just explain ideas, he also gives you practical tips and an actual process so that you walk away with something tangible."

- Christy DeSantis

This was a great course, and I learned a ton! I also feel far less overwhelm now seeing how the steps fit together to not only generate ideas that create value, but to organize them. Awesome Chris!!

- Sasja Chomos

Well, after answering the first course survey last night I ended up writing one of my longest posts on LinkedIn, and received an awful lot of views in the last seven hours!
Chris, you’re like magic and your course has only just begun ;)

- Samantha Fowlds

When I started I couldn't create content because I wasn't sure what to create. Now I can see a path from creating short videos to having a book. Plus, it used to take me 4 hours to create a single short video. Now I create six in an hour and can see how I can get even faster. Thank you Chris!

- Heather Toretta

By the way ...

I only run this program once a year.

Don't miss out on a whole year of incredible content creation.

Join today and start creating content you can sell!




Get everything in the program for a single payment. Pay once and get the lowest price option.

Simple and cost effective.

4 x $700


You can spread the cost over four months for only a small amount extra. You get immediate access to the content and the live workshops without having to pay the full amount in one go.

12 x $275


Spread the cost over the full year program. You'll get immediate access to the program content/ Then each month you'll pay a small amount to continue accessing the recorded and live workshops. The total cost is a little more but you don't have to worry about making a big payment up front.

Learn More About Your Social To Sellable Guide:

Chris Fenning

  • 4 x Award-winning author: Successfully wrote and published multiple best-selling books, courses, and training programs in two very different fields (Business communication and Olympic style Competitive rifle shooting)

  • ​20,000+ students taught: Chris' training programs have helped over 20,000 participants in more than 100 countries.

  • $100,000+ per year earned from the various types of content I've created (In my second year in business!)

  • Trusted by some of the biggest names in business:  Google, Siemens, NATO, and PepsiCo are just some of the organisations that trust Chris to train their staff. The courses these companies keep bringing Chris back to teach were created using the Social 2 Sellable method.

  • A Master of Efficient Content Creation: As a solo/entrepreneur and a parent to a young child Chris has to spend his time carefully. All the tasks needed to run a successful business have to fit into just 28 hours each week. That includes creating, selling, and serving. Having such a short amount of time is what drive Chris to create the incredibly efficient Social to Sellable content creation process.


  • ​Creator Of Social 2 Sellable Content Creation Program: The best-in-class training program for how to efficiently create reusable content to grow any business, anywhere, anytime. Chris has worked individually and with groups of entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them to finally breakthrough and have success with their content creation strategies.

If you are ready to jump off the endless hamster wheel of social media posts and start creating valuable content…

then you simply can't afford to miss this incredible program where I show you how to:

For Entrepreneurs Just Getting Started...

☑️ Turn every-day social posts into lead magnets that attract the customers you want in as little as 30 minutes

☑️ See the path from daily posts to completed books, courses, and workshops.

☑️ Discover how and why the Social 2 Sellable content model is absolutely your quickest, simplest path to creating valuable content for your business. 

And For Entrepreneurs With Lots of Existing Content...

☑️ Reuse your existing content to create valuable giveaways

☑️ Test your new content ideas and get free feedback before you invest lots of time and effort in creating a large course, book, or program

☑️ This is the exact same system I use to create 4 online courses, 3 corporate training programs, get over 6000 students online, and write a best-selling book...all in one year! (while only working 28 hours a week and doing everything else that comes with running a business)




When the timer runs out the doors will close on this course for another year. The next chance to learn the Social to Sellable secrets will be in 2024.

Don't miss out...!



Get everything in the program for a single payment. Pay once and get the lowest price option.

Simple and cost effective.

4 x $700


You can spread the cost over four months for only a small amount extra. You get immediate access to the content and the live workshops without having to pay the full amount in one go.

12 x $275


Spread the cost over the full year program. You'll get immediate access to the program content/ Then each month you'll pay a small amount to continue accessing the recorded and live workshops. The total cost is a little more but you don't have to worry about making a big payment up front.

Choose from the three pricing plans and find a solution that fits your budget

Join The Program And You Not Only Get Access To All This

10+ hours recorded lessons

12 x Live workshops over 12 months

Complete step-by-step process to create 16+ different types of valuable content

All the tools & templates (blog title generator, activity templates, content creation tracker, and more...)

End-to-end examples

Access to the Social to Sellable content creation community

You Also Get These Priceless Benefits

An endless supply of valuable content ideas

Confidence you are creating things people want

Spending less time on Social Media

Enough time to create valuable content and social posts

The ability to test what sells before you invest lots of time

A fast track to drafting a book

Agility - you can change track without wasting what you've already done

A structure to organise the content you create

Less overwhelm

So when I say,

THIS Is The Best Way To Create Your Content And Generate Income From It...”

I Really Mean It.

I’ve tested and tried NUMEROUS other paths... including the most common ones with every "create a content strategy plan" you can imagine.

None of them worked. (at least not for me)

And now, YOU can take THE FASTEST PATH to create valuable content!

I’m literally showing you the path.

All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other... and join the Social to Sellable Content Program today!



Get everything in the program for a single payment. Pay once and get the lowest price option.

Simple and cost effective.

4 x $700


You can spread the cost over four months for only a small amount extra. You get immediate access to the content and the live workshops without having to pay the full amount in one go.

12 x $275


Spread the cost over the full year program. You'll get immediate access to the program content/ Then each month you'll pay a small amount to continue accessing the recorded and live workshops. The total cost is a little more but you don't have to worry about making a big payment up front.


Can I invite my friends?

Yes! If you know someone who could benefit from faster, more effective content creation please have them sign up through this website. We want to ensure we can onboard your friends and family properly!


How do I access the training?

The training is accessible through Chris Fenning's online course platform. After joining the Social to Sellable program you will receive an email with instructions for setting up an account. It takes about a minute and then you will have access to all the recorded content in the program.


How do I access the live workshops?

A few days after joining the program you will receive calendar invitations to the Live workshops. These are sent to the email address you uses to sign up for the program so make sure it is one you can access easily. The workshops happen on the 2nd Wednesday every month and run from 8-10pm Central European Time.


When are the live workshops?

The live workshops are scheduled for the following days. They start at 8pm Central European Time and run for 2 hours)


  • May 10th 2023 (Wednesday)
  • June 14th 2023 (Wednesday)
  • July 5th 2023 (Wednesday)
  • August - Off for summer
  • September 13th 2023 (Wednesday)
  • October 11th 2023 (Wednesday)
  • November 8th 2023 (Wednesday)
  • December 13th 2023 (Wednesday)
  • January 10th 2024 (Wednesday)
  • February 13th 2024 (Tuesday - because of Valentine's day)
  • March 13th 2024 (Wednesday)
  • April 2024 - TBD
  • May 2023 - TBD



What if I can't make it to the all live workshops?

Don't worry if you can't attend all the live workshops. You'll have a chance to submit questions during the week before each workshop. Chris will answer as many questions as possible in the live sessions and because the workshops are recorded you will be able to watch the reply and hear the answers.


Will this make me rich?

This is not a get rich quick scheme. The method you will learn can help you grow your business but there is no guarantee of financial returns. Creating great content is only one part of growing a successful business. Your business has a better chance of success when you have good content, and this program will give you the tools to make the most efficient use of your time to create great content.

The Social to Sellable program will make creating valuable content easier, faster, and you'll have more confidence you are working on the right things. These things have different value to each of us depending on our situation.

If it helps, I can say with confidence that I write books between 5 and 10 times faster using the Social to Sellable process compared to the way I used to write them. That's a huge amount of time saved. And as we all know, time is money.


Will this teach me everything I need to write a book?

This program won't give you everything you need to write a book, but it will definitely help you write one. I use the methods in this program to write more efficiently, and with more confidence that people are interested in the topic. There are many courses available teaching you how to plan, write, publish, and market a book. Some of these are listed as recommendations in the Social to Sellable program.


How much time do I need to commit to the program?

As with all courses you can put in as much or as little as you want to. There is no set time input required. And, this is one of the best things about the process, the time savings and efficiency of the Social to Sellable method work when you spend an hour a week or 30 hours a week creating content. It doesn't matter how much time you have each week to create content, the point is you use that time as effectively as possible.


Once you join the program you will have access to the training forever. You can work through it all straight away or wait a year before starting. It's entirely up to you.  During the year of live workshops you can attend all of them, or none of them, depending what you want and what your schedule allows. And, as with all things, the more you put in the more you get out.


So, there is no set amount of time you need to apply. Any time you spend creating content will be time saved when you use these methods.



Is there a payment plan? (Can I pay in instalments?)

Yes, there are three payment options for the program.

1 x payment $2500

4 x payments of $700

12 x payments of $275